Christian Hauska


There is little that fascinates me more than human behavior and capturing it in photographic documentaries. If you go into the public space with an open eye you can discover interesting situations and interactions everywhere. Images that express certain aspects of our society: three women sitting opposite each other on the train, all wearing a blue jacket while looking at their cell phones simultaneously could be one example. Portraying human behavior and explaining it by telling fictional stories - this is what I like to share with you.


We met on the edge

More and more people feel alone. Loneliness has become a widespread sickness. In a fragmented society where everyone seeks and goes their own way, traditional mechanisms for creating a feeling of togetherness no longer work. Especially young people seem to have forgotten how to have a direct conversation. Contact between people is reduced to insignificant chat. The use of social media makes direct communication difficult, so that we are forced even further apart. "We met on the edge" outlines the life of a lonely person. Trapped in the recollection of themself. Enduring yearnings. Enduring themself. 

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Desk Differences

Embassies and consulates are mysterious. You cannot just walk in. They are usually surrounded by fences, heavy locks, cameras and guards. The "centre" of these buildings is the ambassador’s or consul’s office, more precisely it is the ambassadors‘ desk. A desk which is covered with screens, keyboards, newspapers, writing utensils, and documents of all sorts. Made of wood, metal, glass or plastic, it is usually surrounded by country-specific interiors. Sometimes, the desks are properly tidied up with books in place running parallel to the grain of the wood while others are left behind in a state of chaos due to hectic circumstances.

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The athlete in Yoyogi Park


"The athlete in Yoyogi Park" sketches proximity and distance between people. Although people are not aware of this and try to avoid proximity, they are close to each other. This photostory addresses different aspects of today‘s life: Anonymity, modern communication, fast-pacedness, the feeling of not being understood or the fading ability to question one‘s own actions. And yet they exist - the random encounters whether consciously perceived or not.


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